Before Your Float Session

Do not shave on the day of your session since the high salt content of the water will irritate your skin. If you have any cuts or grazes, a personal sachet of Vaseline is provided to every customer to ensure the salt cannot sting the wound and you can relax and enjoy the experience.

When you arrive at Float Level, you will be greeted, signed in and then brought through to your personal float suite. If it is your first time floating, I will run through all the information you need. It is advisable to float nude as a bathing suit can claw at the skin and detract from the experience. The float suites are all lockable from the inside so you and your belongings are quite safe.

It is also highly recommended to go to the toilet just prior to floating to ensure no interruption to your float.


Your Float Session

After a quick shower to remove excess oils, the float cycle will be started from reception. This begins with 10 mins of soothing ambient music to ease you in. If you have your own music, you can have that played if you’d like.

You should enter the tank gently so as not to disrupt the water and settle in. After 10 mins, the music will slowly fade and you will then experience the blissful peace of floating.

Inside the tank, there is a button to control the lights, a button to call reception if needed and a water bottle so you can rinse your eyes should any salt find its way into them. The door of the tank can be fully controlled by you so you can have it open or closed as you wish.

5 mins before the end of the float session, the music will slowly fade back in to let you know that time is almost up.



After Your Float Session

Once you are showered and changed, you can enjoy the post-float glow in the relaxation area where you will find hair drying facilities and a nice glass of ice cold water waiting for you. Then all that remains is to make your next booking and wax lyrical to your friends and family!


If you are interested in this amazing experience, you can check out our price list here and choose the best option to suit you. Don't forget to have a look at the special offers and membership pages too for more ways to save.