What Is Floating Really Like? 6 Common Themes From Float Level's Customers

With Float Level open in Manchester City Centre for just under a week now and an overwhelmingly brilliant response from everyone who has come to the centre, I wanted to use this post to discuss what the first floaters in Manchester have had to say about the experience.

One of the challenges of running a float centre is ensuring that people really understand what floating is all about and what you can expect. Seeing the pods and the water does not really clarify what the experience can hold so I wanted to just briefly discuss some of the more common experiences of the lovely people who have come down so far.

Happily, I can report that everyone has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and from chatting with customers after their float, there are 6 common themes which have appeared and which I can certainly identify with.

1. You lose all sense of time

This is probably the most common comment. When you are floating and have none of the normal inputs coming in, you become absorbed in the experience of simply “being”. Time becomes irrelevant as your brainwaves drop into the meditative theta frequency, which provides relief from our time-driven day-to-day lives.

2. You become less spatially aware (Don’t worry! This is a good thing!)

One of the more fun sensations in the pod is the loss of spatial awareness. The boundary where you end and the water starts becomes less clear and there can be the sensation of feeling as if you are gently rocking or turning in the water when in fact you are completely still.

3. You have increased mobility and fewer aches

Due to the weightless environment, all pressure on muscles and joints is removed and this has a particularly soothing effect on your back and shoulders. The vertebrae of your back actually stretch out and decompress releasing a lot of tension, so if you have any back troubles, try a float to see how it can help!

4. You sleep better after your float

Since floating slows your brainwave patterns and relaxes your muscles, you will find that you sleep very soundly, particularly if you float in the evening. If you have a big day ahead, a 7pm float is just the ticket to guarantee you’ll hit the ground running the following day.

5. You can use the time in the pod to problem-solve

A few customers have said they have ended up solving personal or work-related conundrums in the pod. Indeed, one floater began coming up with ideas for his best-man’s speech! Since the mind is not occupied with the processing of normal external stimuli and you have no distractions, there is a lot more capacity for effortless creative thought.

6. Your skin is smooth and glowing afterwards

A very pleasant effect of floating is how good your skin feels after your float due to the high content of soothing Epsom Salt in the pod water. You will look and feel more radiant with a lovely smoothness all over!

There have been many more things experienced in the pod so far and I will be sure to write more about the customer experience in due course. Hopefully the above has provided some insight into some of the aspects of the float experience. If you would like to book a session and see for yourself what floating is all about, you can do so here or you can call the centre on 0161 6375138. Hope to see you soon!