The Mindful Revolution Continues… and Floatation is the Perfect Partner

Mindfulness… I’m sure it’s a word most, if not all of you, are now familiar with. There has been a definite Mindful revolution in recent years with the practice very successfully introduced into schools, being a feature of a highly publicised TedTalk and being the subject of numerous books and articles as our modern society seeks a way to take stock and reconnect with our inner thoughts and feelings.

The latest trend report for 2014 has Mindfulness as the overarching trend informing their Top 10. As they say, there is a growing desire to:

…clear the clutter in your mind caused by the over-stimulation of today’s supercharged world. This (mindfulness) is the biggest movement the wellness industry has ever seen, and people from all walks of life are waking up to the fact that mindful living breeds a healthy mind
— 2014 Trends Report, Top Ten Global Spa and Wellness Trends Forecast -

It has long been proclaimed by those such as the Dalai Lama that a healthy mind is the key to true happiness and contentment and without using the tools available to work towards a healthy mind, we are putting ourselves at an implicit risk, especially with the increasing pressures and stresses of the modern, constantly connected world.

From Google’s Zen-based employee program, “Search Inside Yourself”, to Steve Jobs attributing much of his success to meditation and Zen Buddhism, the use of these long-standing techniques has moved from the New Age movement into mainstream culture. 

How does lying in a floatation tank help with this, you ask?

Well, with Floatation, you have the ideal environment to perfect and deepen meditative and mindful practices. The silent, reduced sensory experience allows you to more easily let go and escape the constant influx of external stimuli, which is great for both those seeking an introduction to meditation and those looking to delve even deeper.

Absence of the external stimuli is of course not the prime objective. The prime objective is to silence that chattering “mind-boy/girl” within us. As leading floatation researcher Peter Suedfeld says,

Consider: Right now there are dozens of thoughts pinballing through your mind.
There is a cacophony—a noisy din—in your head. The absence of the din is a genuine revelation. I highly recommend you find that out for yourself.”
— Peter Suedfeld, PhD - Floatation REST Researcher

Due to the nature of the floatation environment, this goal is more easily achievable and leaves even the least experienced with a feeling of mental clarity. If you have an interest in exploring these ideas and taking advantage of the well-known calming benefits, then look no further than floatation. Not only will it calm and straighten out the knots of the mind, but it will also work out those niggling physical knots.

Total relaxation of body and mind… who wouldn’t want that?

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