No Pain, No Gain? Maybe it doesn’t have to be this way

Pain is often the less desirable partner of intense exercise but it would seem a long overdue divorce is now a real possibility. A more desirable and enhancing partner has been found and its name is Floatation.

A lot of people think floating is simply about deep relaxation and reducing stress… and from one point of view they would of course be right but that is not the whole picture. The effects on body and mind go far beyond this reductive summary. Increased creativity, enhanced meditation, improved sleep and now, researchers have further proven its benefits for those among us who enjoy an active lifestyle.

The aches and pains associated with intense workouts and sporting endeavours need no longer be tolerated! This is good news, particularly for professional athletes and those who are reluctantly coming to the inevitable conclusion that perhaps they are no longer the spring chickens they once were. A conclusion this author is slowly coming to!

Researchers from the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the Northern Illinois University, have just published a paper in which they discuss and prove that after periods of intense exercise, floatation reduces the dreaded lactic acid build-up in recreational and professional athletes. They conclude:

The results indicate that flotation REST appears to have a significant impact on blood lactate and perceived pain compared with a 1-hour passive recovery session.
— The acute effects of floatation restricted environmental stimulation technique on recovery from maximal eccentric exercise - Morgan, Salacinski, Stults-Kolehmainen, Northern Illinois University 2013

A Well-Kept Secret No More

 This has been known in certain circles for some time. US and Australian Olympic Teams have used floatation for over a decade now to ensure their athletes are in top condition and the Nottinghamshire County Cricket Team have recently looked to floatation to enhance recovery and prevent injury during the demanding summer season.

This new paper provides empirical evidence that shows the quantifiable and significant reduction in lactic acid build-up, which should be exciting news for professionals and amateurs alike. The recovery period for professional athletes, in particular, can be a source of frustration and, if rushed, can lead to more serious injury. Removing the weight from joints and muscles provides unparalleled relief allowing your body to naturally recover more quickly without the need to share resources to process the normal external stimuli, such as the effects of gravity. This, coupled with an environment shown to enhance the important sports technique of visualisation, makes floatation a must for all athletes looking to be at the top of their game. 

So… all you cricketers, footballers, athletes, rugby players, weightlifters, MMA fighters, cyclists, basketball players, your new secret tool has arrived. Stay on top, lose the niggling pains, get the edge and get your float on!