How Floating Can Help Your Business

The evolution of smartphones and tablets means business professionals are constantly connected and constantly involved in work. This of course has the advantage of more productivity and that great sense of “getting things done” but it does come at a cost, both personally and economically, as the latest figures on work-related illnesses show.

A massive 40% of all work-related illnesses are due to stress with 10.4 million working days lost in 2011/2012 with an average 24 days lost per individual case. These figures require little explanation. The impact of stress on individuals and businesses is clear. So what can be done?

Well, there is a most enjoyable and beneficial answer to this growing issue of stress: One hour in a floatation tank. In the same way that your laptop sometimes needs a reboot or a defrag, your mind also needs to be unplugged with proper rest and recovery to assimilate and sort all the information you are taking in every day. The floatation environment is perfect for this.

While a massage is great for those knots in your muscles, a floatation session both relaxes your entire body but more importantly, allows your brain to enter the theta brainwave level, which has been shown to improve your creativity, rejuvenate your mind and calm the noise within. A single session will leave you feeling more positive, more focussed and definitely less stressed, as floatation has been proven to reduce levels of the stress-inducing cortisol hormone. With multiple sessions, however, the effects become more pronounced and longer lasting, which is ideal for keeping the high performing professional at his or her peak. As van Dierendonck and Nijenhuis note in their meta-analysis of floatation as a stress-management tool:

The enhanced effects of REST (floatation) on well-being found in the long-term studies suggest that the effects of REST (floatation) become stronger through repeated exposure
— Floatation restricted environmental stimulation therapy (REST) as a stress-management tool: A meta-analysis - van Dierendonck & Nijenhuis, 2004

Interested in resetting your mental and physical balance? Float Level will be open in Spring 2014 so why not try a floatation session when we're up and running and see how it can improve your everyday?