11 Million Bits Per Second!! Power Down the Processor

We all find at least a little time to sit down on the sofa and watch our favourite series or show. We may think we are taking it easy when we’re comfortably sat there maybe checking our phone every now and again, but the sensory input our brains are dealing with is still shockingly high. The senses gather an estimated 11 million bits per second of information from the environment… 11 million!! It’s fair to say we have a supercomputer inside our heads dealing with all of this and like any computer, there are times when it needs to be rebooted and reset to maintain optimal processing speed and power.

Sensory System Bits Processed per second
Eyes 10,000,000
Skin 1,000,000
Ears 100,000
Smell 100,000
Taste 1,000

Give your senses a break!

Floatation is uniquely qualified to reduce or even eliminate this sensory overload and give your brain a much-needed break. With the sense of gravity, touch, smell, sound and sight all significantly reduced if not completely removed, you reach a state of physical and mental relaxation like no other.

This physical state of deep rest is referred to as the relaxation response. Floatation is the perfect tool (not to mention the easiest!) to reach this deeply relaxing state. Scientific research has shown that at least two conditions must be present to elicit the relaxation response: reduced sensory input and reduced body movements*. Luckily for you, the floatation experience is entirely based on these conditions!

The floatation environment allows your brain waves to slow down from the Beta frequencies of alert, day-to-day consciousness to the deeply meditative and relaxing Theta frequencies.

I often ask myself, “what would James Bond do?” when faced with a certain situation. On the set of Skyfall, 007 himself, Daniel Craig, escaped to a floatation tank to relax and unwind between scenes. So apparently, when in need of some relaxation, Bond jumps in the tank! There you have it!