Float Level was conceived back in February 2013.

I worked as a Management Consultant for a Big 4 company for 5 years, which involved being away from home four days a week, living the Alan Partridge life in hotels around the UK and abroad!

Feeling tired, stressed and suffering from shoulder and neck pain from too many hours in front of the laptop, I decided to give floatation a go having heard many good things about it from the likes of Joe Rogan on his podcast.

The proof that I enjoyed my session was rather striking! When the music came on at the end of my first session, I was quite simply gutted! I had never felt so relaxed and just wanted to stay in there!

Afterwards, when I was showering, I couldn’t believe how refreshed and free of pain I felt. My skin felt silky smooth too from the Epsom Salt! To say it was a revelation would be an understatement!

I was so looking forward to regular floating when I got back to Manchester but to my dismay, there were no centres here. A city like Manchester should have one of these places, I thought… and then I thought some more… and some more and came to the inevitable conclusion that I had to open my own centre to offer this amazing experience to the people here.

And so, just over a year later, Float Level opened its doors in May 2014. A city centre sanctuary for all to enjoy. Come on down and try it for yourself! You won’t be disappointed!